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5 Insider Tips: What you should know about your vehicle that could ultimately save you time & money!

  • Did you know that having your car professionally detailed can improve the appearance of your car? This helps to preserve the vehicle, and thus, increases the resale value.
  • Ever hear the saying "when your car is a mess, your life is a mess?" Did you know that keeping the vehicle you drive clean can influence a better lifestyle? Your living environment and daily driving environment can play a major role in the person that you need to be.
  • 70% of people judge you by the interior and exterior of your vehicle. It's not what you drive. It's how well kept your vehicle remains.
  • For those of you that are do it yourselfers... Be aware of the Automatic Washes! These quick fixes can only lead to long term damage to the vehicle. By taking time to set an appointment a with professional car cleaning company you can really elevate multiple headaches. Machine car washes often use recycled water. The dirty contaminated water will scratch the clear coat of the vehicle and give a cloudy appearance. It is also common for short cuts to taken by these businesses. Diluted chemicals and dirty rags are used to wipe down important parts of the vehicle.
  • Do you have kids? Do you have pets? Do they go everywhere you go? Well so does their mess.... Ever wonder where those French fries go? How about the chocolate or candy that has stuck to the carpets and stained the interior of your car? How about when you pick up your kids from soccer practice and its pouring rain? You get the picture; these are all common examples of what can happen in a daily life of a busy Mom or Dad. Please take the time to let Custom Auto Detailing at Auto Glow help your car and your lifestyle.

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